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  1. Academic Social Media: Twitter

    I've recently returned to Twitter having taken a bit of an extended break from it and having been back for a while now, I have been wondering what kind of role I'd like Twitter to play in my academic (and personal) life. My Twitter break happened almost by accident. My…

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  2. Always Online: The problem with Twitter

    As PhD students we are often told how important it is to maintain an active and professional online presence and to make use of a myriad of different services and social networks to do this: Twitter, academia.edu, LinkedIn and long-form blogging, to name just a few. There are also…

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  3. WeTheHumanities - Starting my week as a curator

    Image by Tom Raftery via Flickr under a Creative Commons license. Back in July I first came across the @wethehumanities Twitter account when my friend, and fellow 'sgsaher', Louise Creechan curated the account for a week. The idea behind WeTheHumanities is that each week a different researcher or practitioner working…

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